Software Development

Full Stack Unity and Web developer in Utrecht

Hi there!

I’m Erik Zubiria, a Spanish full stack videogame developer who lives in the center of the Netherlands, in Utrecht. And why in Utrecht? Because my girlfriend was unemployed in Spain and she decided to study a Master degree abroad, so we moved here and…

Mmm I’m beating around the bushes here… Let’s talk about my work, this page is about that.
I started using Unity 4 years ago. On September 2020 I published BATU ta BATU my first game for consoles and PC. The whole game was developed and designed by me.


At the moment my main project is the design and development of a second videogame but this time for VR. Hoping to publish it soon! I also develop web pages and create some art occasionally. I can even make music! I have worked with the most important technologies both in development and graphics. I’m also familiar with CMS.

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